A daily blog can become an unrelenting chore; I was thinking that I do not want to create a monster. What I want to do is to be able to muse in those precious quiet moments that sometimes come our way and blog as the notion takes me.

The chores in the kitchen were never undertaken with such willingness as this morning. Woman’s Hour was on BBC Radio 4 and woe betide anyone who interrupted my listening. My ‘play’ motivator for blogging (see blog number 1) was performing in the mini play and she certainly gave me food for thought today. For anyone who decides to listen in to this episode, I have to emphasize that it was just ‘thought‘The depicted life and mine have nothing in common apart from an interest in communication; it was fascinating to hear how that was developing though, to be honest, I was interested in the twist in tail. For anyone who may read my blog, you will just have to listen to the mini play to find out what I am talking about.

11am and I find there is post – I assume it has come through the normal delivery channels though it is pre-printed UK Business Post- I can only think we have a new and earlier-working postman or there’s been a local reorganisation. Long may it last. At least I can deal with the post in the working day if needs be, which is not something I have been able to do for eons.

Talking of postal services, which I am, I wonder how the competition being introduced into the system will affect deliveries and other services to remote areas which are not at the top end of the cherry-picking list. Areas like mine have already seen huge reductions in services due to rural post office closures. Mobile services which were trialled in Cumbria and I believe, the west country in England, are likely to be introduced here. It is going to be much like the mobile library though it may not wait as long as the library van does. And if a not so ambulant person cannot reach the van in time, in whatever weather conditions prevail,(here, weather can be really foul) they will have real problems. As it is, these mobile services do not appear to provide all services offered by the main post offices, such as passport applications and driving requirements.


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