working backwards to Christmas

If you have experienced one of those smug moments when you’ve started to achieve something ever so much in time that it feels really sooo good, then I’ve had one of those moments today.:D

Why, you might ask: well, I’ve written two Xmas cards for surface mail post (first time I’ve managed that in years) and wrapped up a couple of parcels, though one is on behalf of mother-in-law. She’s promised to write a message on a label when I get it to her. That means her daughter will get one nice surprise from her this year. She, poor soul not only does her own post and parcels but ends up dealing with all of her mother’s gifts and post as well. Mum won’t let anyone else help – I’ve tried – while daughter has made it quite clear she would love some assistance. There’s a whole load of mother and daughter stuff wrapped up in this.

Gifts, get lost, usually between two rooms, or don’t get sorted, or can’t be dealt with when daughter can manage it: the whole kit and caboodle gets too stressful and last Xmas, daughter stood back and the majority of wrapping etc was done in time for new year instead. I think a gentle point was made. I wait to see this year if I will be allowed to assist.:crazy:

I quite liked having a new year surprise; Xmas gets too ritualised and I must say, I feel we all get dragged along with it for sake of family and traditions. Apart from helping out beforehand if I am allowed, I’m hoping to get away from the network over the festive period this year.

Though my blogs are about whatever train of thought comes to mind, I am very aware of world events, even if it may not seem so. There are so many people who can make apposite comments and offer original thoughts, that I prefer to read, observe and listen in order to reflect on what is happening and, where appropriate contribute in some form. In the international forum our main active contribution I believe, is our national vote. Not that those we vote for may necessarily be as effective as we would like nor do as we would wish. But then, we can’t plan for the vagaries of human nature and neither can they.

From another viewpoint, it is obvious in democracies that when the time for elections is nigh, the political mind becomes domestically focused in order to accrue votes and it is then, for a short time, we have a voice that the politicians are desirous of hearing but also for swaying to their particular cause. However, in the global scheme of things, our voices again fade away and we are left with the people who have achieved our national vote, to act in our best interests – but the question is do they?

Right – that’s my thoughts for the day, I’m now going to make a start on my annual letter while that nice smug feeling remains, and I think short will be better this year. I have tried not writing one and was roundly castigated by people for not sending it. Funny that 88|

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