Play Time

I noticed that the post van did not deliver the stack of mail to the pick up box in our road till 11am today. Maybe the post office staff all had a lie-in. It is Monday. :zz:

14.20 – Oh well,I think we’ve got our usual postie back. The post arrived, heralded by a thump on the doormat. (I did so enjoy getting post by midday.)

This is a first – I rang mother-in-law to offer her a cooked meal this evening; she accepted before I had even finished the sentence and for the first time, did not ask what we were going to have to eat before giving her answer. Hubby reckons its because she likes my cooking; the question is, does he mean she likes my culinary skills or does she just like me doing the cooking ❓

Unusually,late morning found me on the computer ‘chatting’with an Argentian friend who lives near Paris. She’d got one or two fun things up her MSN sleeve, so-to-speak; animated words and animated,expressive baby faces all of which which I learnt to capture and use. It was great fun, a playtime interlude. It is my friend’s birthday today and I believe we had just had a delightfully silly party (albeit brief) all to ourselves. As she was not able to receive voice clips my friend luckily missed a bad rendering by me of the happy birthday song. It probably did us both a favour!

My next play time will be tonight when I go to our little local cinema to see Wallace & Grommit; hmm I’m not sure if it a single or a double consonant there. It has had rave reviews and as I
so adore these characters, they are going to wow me without a doubt.

This afternoon I booked our first family holiday in two
years – I thought somebody had better take the initiative – no-one has asked when and where we are going. Maybe I’ll say nothing till I am asked, someone is bound to get curious. I always promised myself an exotic trip when my studies were completed, however world events and nature stepped in first. I must say though, I don’t think that this is the trip. I think I can dream on…

Have I just done an Adrian Mole with this posting? If I have, I must confess that I am definitely not thirteen and a half. Then again, it is certainly not in the genre of Mrs Dale. I guess I shall have to accept that it is just me.


2 thoughts on “Play Time

  1. OK, I’ll bite. Where are you going on holiday?

    Lovely baby in your picture, by the way. I’d post pictures of my grandchildren, but the blog’s rules say, “No pictures of children”. What a sad world …

    Never mind. I’ve had a good day today. Wonder if I’ve time to update my blog before calling it a day?


    This looks like it might be the reply system – it would benefit from being clearer, but then this site is still in beta form I believe.

    Anyway, you’ve bitten and I’ve replied via email and thanks for the comment, Peter. Barcelona here we come…

    And now I really must get back to the chores.

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