The Day After…

This is the day after the day off. Once in a while I have to garner my thoughts and focus on what else there is zooming around me.

Just to confound me, the post arrived at 10.30am yesterday. It put me all of a flutter as I wasn’t psyched up to receive missives that early in the day! I wonder what’s going on? 🙄

I have just heard the most amazing, genuine row between Joan Rivers and some guy called Darcus Howe, on the BBC Radio 4 Midweek programme that is chaired by Libby Purves. It was spontaneous combustion and boy, did it combust. :## I felt rather like a voyeur, but I hadn’t tuned in to the programme to be one, not like the audiences of the reality TV shows; in legal jargon, “there was no aforethought”. I bet there’ll be total exploitation of the row in the media’s repeats and weekly reviews of programmes. As they say, watch this space…

Pride and Prejudice, the film arrived here and I have now seen it. I am in the position of having read the book and of seeing each episode of the seminal BBC TV production some years ago. I am still thinking about the film. The immediate points that strike me are that there was some interesting, but fleeting imagery and I did not like some of the camera techniques. For me, they detracted at times from the work rather than complementing it.

This year I am determined to be ‘sickenly’ organised and to that end, I have made out a list of things purchased during mad moments, that get attached to particular people’s names for Christmas gifts. Sounds good doesn’t it. However, just as you think you’ve completed one family group, go check the list, guess what, there are things to be found and the job isn’t complete after all. I can say though, that I have wrapped some family Christmas presents today. It’s a bit like playing skittles, I guess I have knocked down two and one is wobbling. I still have to look out the pressies for posting, so I’m only partially a ‘goody two shoes’. I hear you all growl, go walk the dog or play with the cat – tough! :wave:


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