Our broadband connection decided to go AWOL from lunch time and only got restored about eight o’clock tonight. That was after four expensive 0870 phone calls to tech help during which some rubbish was spouted and in one case I felt a need to check I was speaking with the technical help section. It seems that my trusty self-updating firewall might have been the problem. I wonder if it is conflict with the one on the router. That will need observing.

My communication hobby horse is the abusive use of expensive non-geographical numbers by commerce. I hear British Telecom has reported this to the powers that be; I am sure it is not a wholly altruistic move on their part but what they say is that other call suppliers are charging more than they do per minute for these calls and then blame BT when customers complain – I await the outcome of this interesting complaint.

Meantime folks there is a very useful website that is reliant on information received, but all information is checked before it is uploaded and in nine cases out of ten the site has worked well for me. It is User information also helps to update the site.

2 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. What ISP do you use? I don’t recall support calls ever costing more than the price of a local call, but I may be mistaken. I’ll check later, when I’m at home.

    One thing I really should check out is VoIP. It could save a whole wad of money on phone calls. But I’ve found as I get older that I just can’t keep up with everything – so it may be a while before I get round to it.



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