Have you ever wondered about this marvel of our technological age, the sock/s that always go missing during the wash cycle in the washing machine? :yes:

The holes in the drum are too small for socks to be sucked or spun through, aren’t they. Assuming the rubber diaphragm is intact, they cannot slip through that route either. When dry, socks don’t bounce and when wet they are defintely weighted down. It is logical therefore to surmise that socks are not going to leap or do a backward somersault into the outside world through the dispenser. In any case, just supposing socks did do that, surely we would find them on the floor by or near to the machine; but then how would you explain how they got there, dry or sopping wet? If that were to occur, at least you might have found a sock, though you have to check if the twin was still in the drum. 🙄


15 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. What people don’t understand with washing machines is that when it spins in excess of 1500 rpm is causes a rift in the space-time continuum opening up links to a washing machine in a parallel universe where socks mysteriously transpose. Other side effects result in the telly remote disapearing for days on end or the cat coming home soaking wet on a hot summers day.

  2. Its Evolution


    Take a look at some of Nature’s weirdest creatures, like your average chameleon or shapeshifter. These guys can change their appearence to fit a new situation. It’s a survival reflex. Long ago, your socks realized that if they continued to match and look like socks, you’d keep wearing them, develop large holes in the heels, and eventually throw them out to live the rest of their lives in obscurity. They don’t want this. They want to be thrown out now, so that they can live out their days at the dump, amongst the old cardigans and G. I. Joes. So they change. They develop new shapes and patterns, ones that they noticed when you left them on the floor next to old newspaper or copies of Heat! They’re hoping that you’ll say, “aha! I don’t need this sock with the neon-green hatching and the googly eyes at random intervals!” and throw them out. But they can only effect this transformation in the presence of water and then heat, which (as everybody knows) are to socks like toxic waste in old movies is to people.

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