The butternut squash has similar flesh to a pumpkin but that is where the resemblance between the two, ends. The butternut squash, by comparison to a pumpkin, is delightfully curvaceous, smooth to stroke, and sweet to taste. If caught just as it is ripening, it has the seductive flavour of a perfumed cashew.


4 thoughts on “Seduction

  1. Ooo, butternut soup. Lentils, onion, potato and spices, thick thick butternut soup. King of the African Squashes!

    A close second: the Gem Squash – ever come across this one? Small, green thing with marvellously stringly flesh. Half, scoop out pips, and boil until soft, then in each ‘bowl’ put a bit of salt and butter, and have instead of more traditional veggies with a Sunday roast. Luvverly!

  2. Hello Alasdair,

    I’m interested in your recipe, only one problem, I have difficulties with some types of lentils/split peas and the like: could chick peas be a useful substitute and what is the cooking method?

    I have never heard of nor seen a gem squash as far as I know. I look forward to hearing more about that. (I guess where I live we’re luck to get butternut squash.)


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