Last night I dreamt I went back to … well, no actually I did not -what I did do was to make pumpkin soup for the first time ever. It was finished off with melted stilton and apricots, giving nice tastes and textures in the eating. I could sense such a soup base working with mild/medium Indian spices. As it was, this one had coriander seeds and was meant to have ground cumin in it, though I couldn’t find any in my store cupboard to grind up, so I put something else in instead, but I can’t tell you what, as it was written in ?Turkish. My daughter probably used up all my cumin seeds during one of her cumin and coriander flavouring phases;In the circumstances I’m surprised I had any coriander seeds left to use, but hey, I did. :-/

5 thoughts on “SPICEY

  1. No, but I have some, I shall certainly give it a try now that you mention it. I wonder if the flavour of the tamarind will meld in well with the stilton and apricot.

  2. Stilton, apricot and butternut? I wouldn’t have thought of that combination in a million years! I was already getting hungry after my last comment (your previous post), now am positively ravenous. Time for some dried apricot snacks, I think…

  3. Hello again,

    Yes, it was a really tasty combination and the apricots of course, added more nutrition to the dish. I used about 125g of stilton and apricot cheese to about a kilo of pumpkin which was rather less than suggested by the recipe but I found it to be ample.

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