People can be so kind and thoughtful:

We have a sheep farm backing onto our house which I can gaze at from my kitchen window. A 6ft high chain link fence separates us and all the other the neighbours’ houses from it. This year the field behind our garden has been given over to growing cabbages and cauliflowers. When looking out of my kitchen window I have recently been seeing alien objects on the grass. They continue to appear. Two days ago my husband brought in a lovely cauliflower and a splendid swede (called a neep or turnip up here) with its majestic stalks and leaves attached.

The farmer gathers in the neeps (Turnips and Rutabagas) for the sheep and the cauliflowers for his own consumption.  From his tractor he lobs one or two of these yummy fresh veg over the fence for us from time-to-time.

The neeps have an incredible flavour raw or cooked. When thanking the farmer (who was surprisingly bashful about his gifts to us) I commented on this flavoursome variety of neep; I found out that it is of a kind no longer grown – I don’t why – however, the farmer had kept some seed back because the flavour appealed to him, and no doubt the sheep too, he therefore continues to grow this particular strain of root vegetable of which, we are gaining the delicious benefit


2 thoughts on “GOURMET SHEEP

  1. Why thank you ashbourne 2. I wrote this blog soon after I started to blog here. It is good to see it again. It is also very nice to hear from you, too.

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