I’ve dusted down the tome,
Then voluntarily proof-read for the last time;
Oh. A mistake that should have been deleted
first time round – done it now;
The bound copies I want returned for me are these –
not the first ones that were submitted with their error;
What has been sent passed the test,
I cannot point out the correction just made.
I’ll have to trust to luck – though knowing mine,
It may not be the the best solution.

Time to rest now, I will put together the
final presentation tomorrow when,
I shall breath a sigh of relief and
smile, a big one…  :))


9 thoughts on “SMILE – A BIG ONE!

  1. Hello Purple Dragon,

    My writing is what you see, as a rule, on this site. However the tome refers to my academic dissertation which was very recently submitted for external assessment by the university with which I have been studying.

  2. I have just completed an MSc with Edinburgh Uni. in one of the social sciences.

    Someone I was speaking with a couple of days ago was doing the same course as you I believe; she looked at the development of society in the UK from the 18th century. She explained to me the types of extrapolations she was required to make; then later in the course she started submitting concise assignments. It seemed to be great foundations for moving onto further academic work.

  3. Do you think so? From what was said, it seemed to me that the course was a foundation course and would attract a similar points level to yours. It was continuous assessment,not a heavy workload and no exams.

    I think it’s great that you are finding the time to do a course, children keep parents very, very busy and it is easy to feel you’re becoming cabbagey. What is the content of the course?

    I found OU materials very useful, the odd book suffered with verbal diahorrea (I don’t thinks that’s quite right 🙂 but You get what I mean) but then that can happen outwith academic literature too.

    I’d be very interested to here how you get on.

  4. Well, I’m not really versed in that other course – so… I didnt phrase myself very well in my last comment.
    I do the course when the kids are in bed. Trouble is, I’ve not done anything for almost a week, what with one thing and another, and now I’m panicking – not enough to stop blogging though .
    I will let you know how I get on, or post it on my blog, or something. But that wont be for another few months.

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