There is no doubt about it, it is brass monkey weather here! It was lovely in the sun, but it was so bright and low, it was blinding. It has been one of those few days we get when it is crisp and dry, where the ice underfoot does not really lift, making for dangerous walking and driving. The low lying bright sunlight shines for such a short time, bowing out to leave a clear and even colder night to quickly draw in. One car driver already, has fortunately survived a patch of black ice.

We are not quick enough to cover car windscreens, they frost almost as soon as the car is parked. There really is very little time so the covers are left for another occasion.

Winter really has arrived now… 8|

8 thoughts on “NO DOUBT ABOUT IT

  1. We doubled up on duvets earlier in the week, should have done it sooner. My duvet coat has had a good deal of daytime use too. I wonder if we’ll get the -19c(daytime) we had 6 years ago; out at Altnaharra it was -27c during the day in that period.

    Winters in Redhill used to be very attractive, but then my memories relate back to the late 1960’s. Godalming and Farnham were pretty then, too.

  2. Yup, it thawed out here too, but I wouldn’t venture out without a coat though. Mum-in-law’s ‘meal on wheels’ didn’t need wrapping in bubble wrap to insulate it from the external temperatures, en route today Clear skies tonight suggest another cold snap.

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