I believe I already know the answer to this question: are you aware there is a consultation process underway between the public and Offcom about the use of non-geographical telephone numbers e.g. 0870/1, 0845, and premium lines 0900 etc?

By comparison, geographical numbers, those that start with 01 – 02 are reducing in price while the cost of being forced to use non-geographical numbers is rising.

The deafening media silence, the lack of advertising is stifling our right to vote, to have our views made known and our voices heard on an issue that takes money from our pockets without our permission.

The media are extraordinarily quiet about it; the media giants all use non-geographical numbers and financially benefit from them.

Vested interests in all the ‘right’ places means that this public consultation about an imposition of extra charges to services we are already paying for, will be publicly under-subscribed. As a consequence we will no doubt, be left with a pigs ear of a result. >:-[

Questionnaires are available for completion online and all information including details of the consultation questions are available from You can also go direct to the Offcom website. Make your thoughts known, make this a genuine public consultation.

Please pass this information on to as many people as you can – it is important and in the long term could save everyone, money.

I did copy and paste the links in but this system did not show them – sorry.

I’m now off to get my consultation document done and dusted.


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