An hotel in which her school group were staying for the weekend ignored her request for a vegan diet and one other youngster suffered the same fate: his dietary needs related to health requirements.

She withdrew from the world to nurse her anger and frustration, unable to openly express herself and her feelings anywhere that she felt was useful or constructive, least of all to her parents, who in truth, were bewildered and deeply concerned. She refused to attend school two days this week. It is a crucial examination year and a critical point in the year and she missed two vital days.

On two previous occasions her parents were the reason for her withdrawal from school; as they have involvement in educational matters, it was her way of hurting them. She returned to school with me and settled well. This time the reason was different but the reaction would have had the same self-destructive effect. I was dubious that I could work the ‘miracle’ a third time and I held back from direct contact, spending time instead in giving mum a bit of TLC and moral support.

However, in talking with mum she said that her daughter had checked I was not being invited to the house as I was ‘dangerous‘. It was a clear message to me: that statement made me reverse my decision and I returned home with mum.

There was no hiding in her room, she was sociable and obviously glad to see me. When mum went out she even made sure we were comfortable and warm. We talked and we shared; she responded constructively to some of my gentle challenges to her thoughts.

Tomorrow she says she will go to School – I do hope so.


8 thoughts on “DANGER !

  1. No need to thank me – you already trust yourself which is why they respect you.

    I work with street people and find that when you can’t ‘win’ – humour is sometimes the next best thing…

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