We are being ravaged by the most tremendous storms,the North Atlantic is a high white foaming wall,the wind is howling in from the Arctic and the house has been allowed to ‘cool’ down.

I have just heard the understatement of the year – “you’re not very warm are you.” 8|


7 thoughts on “YOU’RE NOT VERY WARM ARE YOU…

  1. Just to make your day menhir, I have to report that there are no white foaming walls in Brighton, everything here is sunny and calm – but your weather is on the way they say…

    Hope you are carrying your hottie 😉

  2. menhir dear I hope now you have found one of the madder blogs u won’t feel let down, I feel that I should explain that most of my blogs are work related but one or two are just absolutely trivial 😉

    Of course hot toddy’s have now become a lifetime interest and contribute greatly to this side of the ‘work’…

    Posterity is something that always interests an Irishman so I will of course consider your advice 😉

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