Things have quietened down a bit today – anything would be quieter than the storms we had. Gusts up to 120mph were recorded in some exposed parts of the county.

We travelled to the county town this afternoon. 20 miles away, to support their fun day. We took the opportunity to have lunch at our favourite Nepalese restaurant there. We were the only lunch customers and boy, was the room cold. I ordered a good single malt whisky (Glen Morangie) to warm me up, not my usual aperitif but a much needed one this time. It is distilled about 75-80 miles from where I live and is a very fine quality single malt whisky. The name means glen of tranquility.

En route we saw masses of flooding. It was impossible to see where the river’s bank was. Lochs were similary undefinable. It was still pretty windy but my hat more-or-less stayed where it was put.

The fun day is a day when funds are raised to pay for Christmas lights and for the street party at Hogmanay. Shops offer sweets, sweet mince pies in one case, some shops give discount on purchases, and in others, staff dress up in varying xmas costumes.

The children had a Christmas hat parade and because it was so cold, the little ones wore their woolly hats, some with ear mufflers, under their parents’ creations. Official lighting up was at 4.30pm however it started to rain at ten past four and very, very heavily too.

I bought my housebound 85 year old mother-in-law a hand-held fibre optic snowman that had six lighting programmes so we could do a bit of xmas lighting up at her house. She had some fun with it and soon cottoned on to how it worked and switched off. She’s going to ration its use to make sure she’s got it working for Christmas. :p

Our fun day is next week; I wonder what form it will take. I do know that the county townsfolk will come over here and support ours, so it should be a jolly communal afternoon.


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