On Wednesday 30th November 2005 I graduated with an MSc from Edinburgh University. :DD The ceremonial took place in the McEwan Hall, a rotund building that dates back to 1888.

I was allocated a front row seat in the McEwan Hall for the graduation ceremony together with the PhD’s. They were kitted out in black robes like mine but with wonderful thick vivid red silk grosgrain bands and similarly vivid red silk lined hoods. I had a 3″ silk green band with flashes of white around the shoulders and a green silk lined hood. The hoods were really deep, mine ended up just above my ankle and a little above the hem of my graduation robe. (Anyone else with my kind of enrobed ‘greenery’ ended up in the rows behind.)

All the graduates were, in time honoured tradition, invested with their respective statuses with a symbolic doffing on the head of a pair of John Knox’s old velvet breeches which had been fashioned into a bunnet. Just as well, as I am not sure I would have been too thrilled to have been batted around the head with a manky old pair of untreated trews!!


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