Harry Potter! I am not, though it may seem to the contrary, attempting to replicate Mr Snape (Sir…) or conjure up Dobby. Snape has a relatively subliminal, role in the latest film and dobby is nowhere to be seen.

However, there is plenty else to occupy ones senses. There is lots of humour, much to giggle about and there is the dark side with smashing great effects, all rolled up into one super film.

Yes, the playtime with the giants could have been developed, what there was, was cute and did leave ones imagination free – the film was after all an age 12 rating – Reeta Skeeta was a pain, as she should have been. Sirius did not have much of an airing:he is important on many levels in this story and yet there was no real impression of that in this portrayal. He came across like he was a magical MI5 one-off messenger.

Surprisingly, there were times in this film when Harry was a bit wooden and Ron, who has seemed stiff and uncomfortable in role previously, was fluid and amusing in this one. I would love to have seen the teenage angst and third party games and rows played out more. They would provide for visuals that work.

Many of the issues would be addressed by the production of a longer film. My main grouse is that the films are too short, though I believe the current one had an extra quarter of an hour: in my view that is not enough. I should like to see a feature length Harry Potter, especially as the stories are becoming more complex. If Tolkein’s work can merit lots of film time to develop the plots and sub plots, so can J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece.


9 thoughts on “HARRY POTTER

  1. It’s fun seeing people like Rupert Grint develop as actors… if he can break out from the Ron Weasley role, I suspect he’ll be around for some time. Wouldn’t bank on it, though, tough career, I’d have thought.

    Found myself loathing Rita Skeeter – spot on!

  2. The studios took a long term risk with selecting all the main actors for these films, in particular the children. They did well. On a personal level, I miss Richard Harris (Dumbledore).

    I agree, it is interesting to see how the child actors develop. I feel Hermione’s powergame with Reet Skeeta could have been given an airing ( I read the book a long time back but if I recall correctly, H wins and it remains a focal undercurrent in the next story) However, it is all time, which these films don’t get too much of.


  3. I rather wish he had never been ‘fixed’ by an illustrator – or by the film version. Grownups ideas of children have blighted childrens stories from time immemorial by their depictions of heroes and heroines and potter looks like a neutered little prig. Of course I’m sure he isn’t …..

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