This afternoon, I sat, and I sat and I sat. Whilst I was sitting, I was enjoying the company of an octogenarian Italian friend, who became my friend during the time she was teaching me her beautiful language, many years ago. She has also taught sprog who was in fact her very last pupil. During our meal, people greeted us as they passed by our table. These were very mature people who my friend had taught at the local high school in decades past. Our waitress, not known for being warm and friendly, was particularly solicitous and smiled a lot.

Later, we moved onto a local bar to sit comfortably in their all-encompassing armchairs, to continue our varied topics of conversation into the twilight of the afternoon. No matter where we were, people treated us with courtesy, friendship and care. Any assistance my friend wished was quickly forthcoming. When we departed, her gloves and a package she had earlier left on the bar were brought forth from safekeeping and handed to her. She was not in the least bit concerned about her belongings, my friend knew that like herself, they would be looked after.

It was heart-warming.


8 thoughts on “HEART – WARMING

  1. Growing old gracefully and valued at eighty; how inspiring.

    Italian is a lovely language – the only one I learnt voluntarily, though I almost enjoyed compulsory Latin.

  2. Thank you for your visit to my blog.

    My friend is a special lady with a very interesting personal history which is hers to tell and only partly mine to know. 🙂

  3. The wisdom, innocence, and experience of older people is a greatly underused resource. Ethnic cultures valued what elders had to say and Councils of Elders often made decisions for the whole community. Enjoying your posts.

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