I am sure there is a perverse type of telepathy at play in our house. It does not matter what time I get up in the morning, early, middling, or late, hubby gets a notion to have a wash just I prepare to, or  just as I get into the Shower. This in itself is not remarkable except that our hot water pipe is shared between the bathroom and its facilities, which get first shot of the hot water and the shower. Therefore, whoever uses the shower when ablutions are in flow elsewhere ends up with——- you’ve guessed, a cold dowsing: brrr.

This morning I wanted to be ready and to sit comfortably to listen to a radio programme. Yet again, perversity ruled. I turned off the shower tap and decided to sit quietly in my bedtime glory in the kitchen, sip my morning tipple and tune in to the radio station.

A loud hissing rudely interrupted my peace, my fusion of listening and thought: the ruddy kettle had been switched on! By this point “Petal” was not in the least bit divine or sociable. She flounced back to the bedroom, propped herself on the bed then curled the bedclothes around her, switched on the radio and you know what – the snuggly experience was really delightful.

Um, yes the radio programme was okay too.


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