I read during the week that gossiping is good for you. It is said that a good gossip brings people closer together in their negative attitudes

10 thoughts on “GOSSIP …

  1. I think good gossip is a very human thing. We naturally like to know about other people and what is going on in the world. Can be a fine line though, I would call Big Brother voyeurism.

  2. That was on the news this morning. Of course there were limits to the intake – as I am a woman, I gave it short shrift 😦 Not that I imbibe much, nor very often.

  3. Gossiping…another one of those contageous things.
    I was passed a piece of gossip today from the bakery, I passed it onto a colleague from customer services and before you knew it, it had gone all around the store and back to me.
    It didn’t come back to me in quite its original form, but hey!

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