“Let’s go and see The Kite Runner”  we said.  Our friends agreed.

“We’ll meet at the cinema for the early showing”

“Okay, that’s fine.”  They said.

I purchased four tickets asking for the show we wanted. Fine.

We took our seats. I was puzzled,the cinema was quite full, mostly with ladies. I’d been told the Kite Runner wasn’t popular and it was finishing its local run on Thursday, and yes, this was Thursday. Oh well, I thought,  myaybe a few people were catching the Kite Runner ‘s last night.

A couple of ladies we knew arrived and hadn’t brought the ‘boys along’ because they weren’t sure it would be up their street.

We waited for the film to start. It was late, according to the schedule.

After a very few stupid adverts, only one made sense, the screen suddenly went straight into a couple’s tiff. Okay, this must be a short film before the main programme. We waited for the punch line.

The scene went on, and on, and on, coming to an angry climax; never quite a sexual one. “Are we in the right place, are we seeing the right film?” I asked in a loud whisper. Hubby disappeared just as the opening credits came up. “No, we’re not seeing the right film,”  he said,  when he reappeared, “and there isn’t another film on”!
So we all sat through a chick flick film we hadn’t arranged to see and probably would not have gone to see.

You couldn’t have planned this.    

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