Techie Help Please!

Can anyone tell me what this is please? I know from the suffix it’s a .exe file, but what are Bonjour Services and what are/is mDNSR?

Bonjour/Services/mDNSR/ Responder.exe

Possible clues:

This flashes up once or twice during my time working at the computer, first after I have booted up also when I revive the computer from standby mode. At present, I have this .exe file blocked. My firewall tells me the status is ‘listen’. The protocol seems to be TCP though I have seen a description of UDP, (whatever that is).


0 thoughts on “Techie Help Please!

  1. Will explore as you suggest. Also, I have run scans already and run a registry fix as well. I have two spyware programmes and one takes nearly all day, the other a lot less, part of a day. They are worth it though. :yes:

    Thank you. Cheers.

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