After wondering what season were in yesterday, today has been pleasantly warm. I should have worn yesterday’s clothes today and vice-versa.

Lunchtime I made a salad. Hubby had trouble forking up some of the green leaves. No wonder, they were part of the design on the salad bowl!  

I’ve been completing a complex form for the last two days, it feels like longer, a lot longer. By the end of it, too fed up to edit it as well, I began to think I knew what it might be like to write up a business case, an academic proposal or a load of bunkum.    

The re-cycled,(horrid off-white) print paper I bought, described as the weight of paper I like, is proving to be crap. There’s too much waste. Several sheets slide through the printer at a time and it sticks in clumps in my printer, then I have to rescue the print run and save the printer. It’s not even safe to print one page! If alternative manufacture can’t come up to scratch I won’t be wasting my hard earned pennies on it in future. I’ve got more unusable scrap paper than I now know what do with.  

Tonight, I am going to relax, maybe with a tipple, and read my much neglected book.


0 thoughts on “ALL IN A DAY

  1. I can sympathise with the ‘what to wear’ issue – here, the weather has gone absolutely insane. One day it was scorching, the next there was a flash flood which flooded the local supermarket after it’s sub-standard roof nearly caved in, the next day was scorching and then a big thunder storm in the evening and then today was cloudy and rainy yet humid and hot…?!
    Enjoy your book Menhir 🙂
    (Which book is it by the way?)

  2. If you wear yesterdays clothes today and then todays clothes tomorrow, you never have to change. Saves on washing powder, but remember to stand down wind of the queue in the post office.

  3. Ah yes, we used to have that book and I was always considering it but never reading. Then it got given to a charity shop! Enjoy your relaxing evening (that’s an instruction).

  4. You’ve got the weird conditions of mother nature as well and over your side of the pond…hmm. Yesterday, our region was supposed to have had the best weather in the UK, hurrah! that really does make a change. I don’t think today augurs that well. At least we don’t have flooding – yet. It could come.

    The chapter I got read was fine. 🙂 In the end there was no tipple.

  5. :)) :)) What a wonderful reply! I’ll give it a go, your suggestion would save on ironing as well.

    With post offices becoming rare species, finding one to stand down wind of, should be great fun. Gives a new meaning to orienteering. 😉

  6. This is the second consecutive evening session and rather different but connected to the first one. It started off with trouble shooting when there wasn’t a problem. I would have passed my HNC unit all over again! 🙂

  7. I think he’s alright now with the method, it’s gaining the expertise. I’ll wait for a bit for the next crie de coeur. Hopefully, it will be something I can do. The frustrations will be just too awful to contemplate if I can’t. :))

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