A policewoman called round to our house tonight. She was all kitted up with a bullet proof vest and chunky things on her belt it was best not to know about. No, it was not a kisso – or strip-o-gram call, this policewoman was for real.

Honestly, this place is beginning to get like the wild west. Hubby was walking down a hill towards the beach this afternoon when he saw a gun barrel pointing out of the passenger side of an eight-seater minibus which was parked on the sand. He said the beach was quiet, and there was not a bird to be seen. “That’s not right” he thought and decided he would take a closer look. With a better a view, hubby saw that the gun barrel seemed extra long, may be there was a suppressor attached.Β 

Taking the short cut, hubby arrived at the boat club building, found himself in the line of fire and also saw that plastic bottle targets had been set up on some rocks.Β  He ducked into the boat house and called the police. Shortly after, the beach started to fill with walkers out with their pets and families out with the children who are still on their summer holidays from school.

The rifle, an air rifle, which did have a silencer attached, and its pellets have been confiscated and the user has been charged with two or three charges, including a wanton disregard for other people’s safety.

The policewoman was an expert at prΓ©cis and concise reporting.


0 thoughts on “THE WILD WEST IS HERE!

  1. Well, I’m sure that’s one tourist you’re pleased to be shot of. Rather than being shot by. I love the seaside, can I come and stay? I promise to only bring 49 suitcases, Hubby, the dog, the two cats, my three cousins twice removed and the wheelbarrow (don’t ask)

  2. No, to the dog, cats and the three cousins – allergies.

    As for the tourist, that’s the polite term for him, he was actually a crew man on a fishing boat, in the circumstances, another genteel description.

  3. I quite agree. Apparently about three other complaints were received by police from people who arrived on the beach after hubby did.

    The twat didn’t think, he said, he was doing anything wrong! I hope the sheriff hauls him over the exemplary coals.

  4. The police do take firearms reports seriously. I reported some teenagers carrying a large revolver in the local woods while I was out with my wife running a while back. As they approached us I heard in a stage whisper ‘What about these two ?’ ‘Naah’, came the reply. They then pulled the trigger as they passed us, probably to see our reaction (the chamber was empty). It did make us run faster though !

    The police later said they had searched the woods but found nothing. So they and it are probably still out there somewhere …


  5. Nope, we could get you gardening and pushing the wheelbarrow, when you’ve emptied out the 49 suitacses. It will be good for the fat club stuff. πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi, thanks for calling by.

    I don’t know what the English season is, unless its a variant of the Scots Glorious Twelfth. The guy certainly wasn’t haggis hunting.

  7. I quite agree. I didn’t know anything about it till the WPC called and hubby invited me to stay an hear what had been happening during the day. My immediate reaction was “Bloody Hell!” The WPC who must have heard worse, looked at me in surprise, I apologised and explained this was new news to me.

    The idiot reckoned he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong. My comment was, and I did voice it, why then use a silencer on the rifle? The WPC looked at me again, then clearly took mental note.

    The kit was confiscated and the guy has been charged with about 3 offences I think, including, ‘a wanton diregard for other people’s safety’.

  8. Nice one! It’s not English you can’t spell, it’s Scots, probably old Central Belt rather than Gaelic. Try Sassenach for starters then follow it up with a ceremonial flourish with the sgihean dhub for the haggis. πŸ˜‰

    I’ll have to find out when the rabbit and duck seasons are; the haggis hunt doesn’t have any particular season, you just have to be lucky.

  9. That thought did cross my mind when I heard of Sir Gallahad’s
    exploits. So far the tally of titles is three; the one above, batman and local hero.

    As you say, scary,add to that, really, totally cavalier and hedonistic. Stupid selfish bugger! :>>

  10. Twat is the right word – what kind of moron thinks they’re ‘not doing anything wrong’?! That’s terrifying that your husband found himself in the line of fire so easily. I find it very suspicious that it had a silencer attached. Good on the hubby for his sensibile actions.

  11. We had something similar here about four years ago, only it was a gang of lads using local windows for target practice. I duly phoned Plod only to be asked what sort of gun they were using and could I go to the window or outside and take a closer look so they would know what they were up against?
    I explained that no, I wasn’t about to risk life and limb.
    So the police turned up 45 minutes later by which time the gun and its owners had moved on.

    Fills you with confidence, doesn’t it?

    So glad the police were rather more on the ball in your part of the world!

  12. Yup, it’s very suspicious that a silencer was attached. The WPC who visited, obviously noted my comment on that. I’m glad the firearm and its pellets are out of harm’s way and I truly hope the sheriff wipes the floor with this disingenuous item on two legs.

  13. Oh for goodness sake Tylluan, your experience was utterly disgraceful – it was worthy of embarrassing publicity and formal complaint.

    We were told that anything to do with a firearm is taken seriously and the WPC assured me she did not go alone to deal with this incident. Bullet proof vest and short-sleeved blouse (sunny, warm day for us) seemed to be her upper body attire. But then, you couldn’t expect her to be in full riot kit without assessing the situation, I suppose. Hubby is knowledgeable about firearms, he used to hold a licence, eons ago, so he could describe well what he saw.

  14. There is that – it was though, an unexpected event in an area such as ours. The guy was a fisherman from somewhere in the North East; if he didn’t think he was in the wrong, you wonder what it’s like to live where he comes from. πŸ™„

    The WPC had an interesting day from it, one that was a bit different to the norm here.

  15. At the risk of sounding insensitive, despite the fact that no one wants guns around, it probably gave the WPC some job satisfaction in that that is what you would have trained for. I often hear of rescue service people saying they like getting the chance to put their hard training in to action even though they certainly don’t want people in danger.

  16. Interesting comment MB; I really don’t know if the local PC’s are given extraordinary training for dealing with firearms incidents. In those cases, specially trained teams are called upon. Our local police have more of a community function, deal with rowdies, vehicle offences, drugs, the majority being the lower grade ones but they do get hauls in from couriers with the aid, again,of special teams.

    In this case, with hubby knowing a fair bit about firearms, he was able to give a decent description of what he observed; that in itself enabled the decision to be made, to send community – based police to deal with the matter. Just as well, as I don’t know if there are any specifically trained police within less than 2 hours distance to deal with anything more serious.

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