Rain lashed down this morning, I rushed into town to get my feet seen to. The podiatrist said she was gagging at the TV news to know the next instalment with the arson case, where up to then, two bodies were found, one shot, burned and identified. It was like a Ruth Rendell mystery she said. I feigned lack of interest. There was something distasteful about the smiley face at my feet, raking around in the ‘joys’ of the mystery of that awful situation.

Next, still in the mist and rain, I travelled twenty miles to the dentist. He guarantees that the remedy for his accidental burring of my tooth enamel will put things right. This is treatment number four out of five, there is a slight improvement. I am not as confident as the dentist is in the absolute success of this treatment.

Before returning home in unexpected warmth and sunshine, I stopped off to deal with some business bits and pieces. The poor lass in the bank was at the end of her tether and needed to get her frustration off her chest. I listened to her tale of woe.

At home again, with the warm and dry spell, I decided it was time to massacre the front garden, so I did. I got nearly half of the three years overgrowth cropped and uncovered the other half of a path. Great! that’ll give us room to walk. I was really into this cutting and chopping lark. The biodegradable ‘hedge’ was mounting up. Thunder rumbled not too far away, large drops of wet stuff began to pelt down on me. I grabbed my tools and put them and me in a dry place. I got out again to chop around a bit more, then the heavens opened. So, that was that. I’ll have to wait for the next window of opportunity to finish off what I started. I’ll bet hubby’s breathing a sigh of relief, it gives him a break from finding somewhere to clear the massive amount stuff still to come.

Oh sweet revenge, hubby got pierced by the bits of a rose tree that he planted, that I never wanted in my patch of garden. I got rid of one tree but this remaining one had a tap root I couldn’t budge.

“Well, you planted it, I didn’t”
“You’ve got a photographic memory”
“With a visual reminder, that wouldn’t be difficult”. :>>


0 thoughts on “A WEEK IN ONE DAY

  1. Bless the poor lass in the bank :yes:..round our way it’s usually the customers pouring out their woes to the staff whilst the people in the queue behind seethe impatiently :))

  2. Because we weren’t at the counter, the bank clerk took the opportunity to ‘let it all hang out’. She’s seen hubby and me between two branches of the bank, for years. I think she felt it safe to let go. She certainly needed to. And yes, I would agree, ‘bless the poor lass in the bank’ :yes:

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