The weather forecasters were wrong.  In my corner of the UK the weather was gorgeous. On Monday I got two or three hours gardening done in my patch of the garden  then rain and thunder stopped play.  Yesterday afternoon when I had time, it was too wet to contemplate gardening.

Today, Wednesday, I was out with spade, fork, rake, secateurs and wellie boots on, before  Elevenses, was an invitation out for coffee and a fruit scone.  A quick personal transormation was called for. I couldn’t go out with my hair all over the place, dirt smeared all over my tee shirt and looking like I’d come up from a coal pit.

At half past two, famished and parched but with a glow,  I stopped for light refreshment and listened to the afternoon play on the radio.  Rested and re-energised, I went out again to work in the garden. 

There was as much, if not more evidence of a bio massacre, than on Monday.  And yay!  Hubby took out, as much as he could,  of the rose tree, (grotty and diseased) that I had been trying to get rid of for years.  Another bushy perennial had taken over too much ground and had securely rooted under the path.  What a pain.  Again, hubby put his best shoulder foward, guillotining more of the bush trunk than I had intended.  A stump is left, from which, without a doubt, more problems will grow.  I shall have to watch that one.  The piles of gardening debris will mean  a trip to the communal domestic waste disposal facility. 

At half past four, having raked some fresh top soil around the patch and forked it in, I took off  my wellies, put everything away, tidied up me again and sunk into an armchair, where, I literally had forty winks followed by a refreshing vanilla red bush tea. 

Then I heard the weather forecaster telling me that it had rained on and off all day here.  Well, I’ve got news for you, it didn’t.  However, I cannot vouch for the temperatures tonight.  They’re forecast to drop to as low as 2 degrees centigrade.


0 thoughts on “PARCHED AND GLOWING

  1. Today was a real summery day up here,no wind at all and I was working outside, sleeveless. That is a rarity. The temperature has dropped now, tonight. It may well have been quite low last night too, as there was a lot of condensation on the windows this morning.

  2. Vanilla red bush tea is my favourite RBT – I don’t cope with the flavourless red bush teas – I may as well be chewing as drinking, paper. I am debating trying some other flavour, I haven’t got round to it yet. For me, the best VRB tea come from Lidl’s, so if you have one within reach, have a look at their tea shelves and try one.

    Winnie the Pooh has embeddded himself cosily into the language, hasn’t he.

  3. This exercise in gardening was a pure and simple perennial plant massacre; an energetic one, but necessary to clear the jungle and avoid too much root hold where it shouldn’t be.

    There’s no need for knowledge of gardening for this. Engergy, no aches and pains, or an ability to ignore them and deal with the after affects, are the person specification here. Farming with a rotavator might have worked quite well. While I have the farmer as a neighbour, I don’t think he works with a rotavator and his tractors would have been too coarse an approach. We couldn’t risk the possible unwanted changes to the house!

  4. I enjoyed the unusual warmth and and unexpected sunshine. The aches and pains have let me know where joints need oiling though 🙂

    Tried the cabbage dish, it was interesting. Thanks.

  5. Garden or field fresh veg are a pure taste bud delight. The action – not now for me. I would be quite happy to grow lettuce leaves; get a large bucket and spade with all purpose compost to fill up bucket/s for that. (It’s a bit like beach play). Ensure sufficient watering. Tomatoes – well you could use a gro-bag and have a few sticks stood by to support the stalks. Again, make sure they’re watered. Picking your crops, hardly an effort I would say, wouldn’t you agree.


  6. P.S. The advertising I get on the Windows Explorer reply site contains the following which might interest you;

    An advert flashing at me, telling me

    “We can predict the name of your perfect lover”.

    What have I been missing all these years!!!.

  7. My Dad used to have a allotment. He did try growing veg again when he moved into his old people’s bungalow but gave it up because slugs or something kept attacking his stuff. He reckoned it was cheap enough to buy veg off the market.
    But if I move to G**, I do fancy the “potager” idea. French word, am into French words today. My friends grows potatoes in a dustbin.

  8. Tell me more about potager; it sounds like growing in extra large pots.

    I enjoy my little pots on the window sill, with lovely herbs in them that would die in this area, if they were planted outside. We can grow flat parsley, ubiquitous mint, and one or two other hardy cooking herbs.

  9. I think you are spot on – don’t touch it. I wouldn’t. I would call you, (don’t have your number though) as I am aware of how you work, but I would not respond to one of those things.

    Anyway, who says I want a perfect lover, let alone the name of one?

  10. It’s so good for the retailers that we all have different tastes 🙂

    I think Pooh would have put honey in the things he didn’t like so much to either make them likeable or palatable, don’t you?

  11. That would be very interesting. As I understand it, cards are usually handled by the individual being read, but you obviously have a type of osmosis process, by phone or other avenue.


  12. It occurs to me that Pooh would soon know if the pot was empty – he would miss it! I am sure I have read a Pooh chapter (could be in The House At Pooh Corner?) where just such a thing happened. An empty pot is measurable to him, and I could well understand our little paddy pawed friend feeling at the very least, some indignation at the loss. 😦

  13. Most kids would know soon enough, and let you know soon enough, if things were not as they left them and definitely if something wasn’t there. An empty honey pot would be a sore point.

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