The post van stops by the grey delivery pick-up box any time between 09.30 and 10.15.a.m. The postie, on foot, retrieves the batch of letters, flyers, cards or bills, all held together with fat elastic bands, about 12.30pm . It can, and is, usually even later, like today, when the postman started his delivery in our street at 2pm. Our address is, I am told, a town-based one yet, people out in the country, on farms, get their mail delivered much earlier, before midday.

What time do you get your post delivered?


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  1. Ours has drifted later this past few months and now is here between 1100 and 1200 hrs most days. Talking semi-urban NE Hants here. Postman comes on his bike. Mostly junk and bills though. Seems nobody writes letters anymore and postal orders in birthday/Christmas cards seem to have dried up too … !


  2. The cost of cards and postage makes traditional types of communication prohibitive when incomes cannot and do not match the cost of daily living increases.

    Many people will continue to constrain spending where they can. The luxury of spreading paper news and goodwill is likely to be a primary casualty, as will other acquisitive activities.

  3. It all depends on which postie has got our (mostly rural) round. It seems to be the last/lowest on the list, and is usually sometime after lunch. If I was a dog, I’d never know when to bark!

    Once, all three houses in our little settlement had no post at all for three days – unusual, as there’s usually a bill! – and when I rang the sorting office, they admitted that the regualr posties were both off sick so they’d forgotten to deliver at all.

  4. Your delivery system, if it can be called that, is evocative of ours in days not so long past. I took issue with the post being held back because of insufficient staff,(there are laws in place about post not being delivered ) and I had a chat with the regional office about the unreliability of the working day service. As far as I know, that particular issue was resolved. However, with the march of time, new working practices have evolved, interim pick up boxes for the postie being one such new practice. The working day delivery times have not improved one jot.

    It is a shock if post arrives before 12noon because it is such a rare event.

    Poor dog, can you find something else for it to bark at?

  5. There’s a cultural difference I note, Mr F, your posties have red rubber bands, ours have big fat brown ones. We usually find them (not usually it) on our doorstep.

    About a decade ago, where you are, I would have thought you were getting post early morning weren’t you? A few miles away from you, when I was living there, I was getting post before I went off to work and would find more mail from a later delivery when I returned home. I got to know our postman, who was pleased to receive a smile or a thank you. I have no idea who is likely to be delivering mail any day or week these days, where I live now. These are indeed very changed times.

  6. We get ours anytime between 11am and 1pm, usually around 11.30 – 12pm. Mr Postie is nice and if no one is home to accept a relatively flat or small package, he’ll go to the trouble of hiding it behind the flower pot or under the mat so we won’t have to go to the depot which I think is rather sweet!

  7. Your postie sounds like a local person. In general, if there is a neighbour around and something can’t be posted through the letter box, it might be left with the neighbour. I think there are instructions about not leaving post to chance in the town area, although in the recent past, local postman here, did similar things to those actions you describe. I believe out in the nearby country, leaving things in a barn or behind a pot, may still be the case.

  8. On Tuesday, a spotty youth in jeans, t shirt and Royal Mail baseball cap dropped several items of junk mail and a cheque 🙂 at 5 o’ clock in the afternoon!

    He was laden down with a mail sack that would have brought a Spanish donkey to it’s knees.

    Usual postman appeared today, looking like death warmed up.

  9. Sounds like your local office were having staffing problems; not only that, H & S rules were being flouted on weight carrying. You remember when all the new styles of delivery evolved, people on bikes with special deep carry bags (cruelty to legs or major tone up exercises)this was to meet the H & S requirements.

    Anyway, you certainly did not get a working day delivery, at least it wasn’t a recognised one, other than the P.O’s own re-arrangement. Do you normally have unusual times of delivery? It was nice to get the cheque though. 🙂

  10. Today post arrived at @ 12 – anywhere between 11 and 2 is about average.

    I didn’t know there were ‘new styles of delivery’. The only ‘style’ I have noticed is the complete lack of, as in scruffs with baseball caps unloading mail from the boots of clapped out old toyotas!

    Yes it was nice to receive a cheque but I now have to give my agent her percentage 😦

  11. Similar to our arrangement, though we have had as late as 3.30-4pm which I think is pushing the boundaries beyond acceptability. It’s difficult to know what pertains as a good service nowadays.

  12. Post can go adrift; I have seen evidence of it done on purpose. it was reported. Fortunately. for the recipients, the post was out of the system about three or four days, not the years or never(!) of other incidents you read about.

    A wedding present I sent, insured, never got to its destination. It took six months to find that out. The bride thought I had ignored her big event.

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