“Of course the towels will be alright drying outside”. Famous last words. With the amount of water that is being squeezed out of the sky, it is coming down in torrents, the washing line is likely to break under the extreme wet weight of the towels pegged on it.

When the next break comes in the waterfall performance, in an attempt to try and beat the deluge, I shall rush out and rescue the washing and take it for a spin. It will not be going back out on the washing line. Been there, done that.


0 thoughts on “BEEN THERE – DONE THAT

  1. Hello, it’s good to hear from you, Munzly!

    Soft water rinse… I think I should qualify that; the towels will have had a heavy rainfall soft water rinse. All the other rinses were soft water because we have soft water in this part of the country.

    Nice thought.

    It’s now time I dried them. Ho hum, on with the drier, the very thing I was trying to avoid.

  2. Lucky you, Mundesley water comes from the depths of the underlying chalk and is very hard. In fact the water has been down there untouched since before the last ice age – it’s all been passed by dinosaurs, we are told. 🙂

  3. You’ll have to suffer the nonsense of lime scale and such other delights with your hard water. One thing, I found my hair was more manageable washed with hard water than it is with soft.

    Your water has been passed by dinosaurs, all sorts of omoeba…heavens, what a thought!

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