For most of today it has poured down upon us, in bucket loads. Of course, it was overcast with it. Nothing could have succeeded in breaking through such a besotted cloud scene.

As the weather got fiercer and wetter, I got chilled and chillier. Even the shop I went into was cold. The store felt colder than I was! Could this be an attempt to stop using power for the fridges? If it is a dry run for fuel reduction, I won’t be going shopping there more than absolutely necessary. The store also provides the town post office, so I can’t escape occasional visits. On such occasions,I’ll have to attire myself in huge boots, big furry style hat,long coat and muffler

The cashier at the check out I used, was dressing up in her fleeces to operate the till point. This was comforting as it confirmed it wasn’t just me who was colder than cold.

I visited ma-in-law who sits most of the time in a warm room. “Heavens you’re white-looking“, she said. Through her window, I watched birds feeding from her bird table. They swung from nets holding nuts and fat balls. I started to slowly thaw and feel my blood temperature begin to normalise.

Once again outside in the chilly damp, (the rain had stopped and a ray of sunshine had fought through) I realised I had mislaid the groceries I’d purchased earlier in that desperately cold store. As I retraced my steps to all the places I’d visited, I got cold again.

I have never really warmed up since. I am wearing my fleece as I write and I think I might just go on the hunt for some ginger wine, or a whisky, or a brandy. There’s bound to be something lying in the back of a cupboard from last Christmas!



  1. I’m frightened to check the back of my cupboards to be honest. It’s so long since I’ve cleaned them, I swear there is a little Japanese man hiding in the back who doesn’t know the war is over.

    Hope you warm up soon. Put your tootsies in a nice bowl of warm water. Works for me!

  2. On Saturday it’s my 5-weekly trip to the hairdresser to get shorn – perhaps a mad move?

    Yesterday morning was hot and sunny enough for me to venture onto the beach, but by teatime it was cold enough to think about turning up the thermostat. (A last resort with oil now costing over ÂŁ1000 to fill the tank!)

  3. Well actually, I kept my fleece on, metaphorically curled up in an armchair and finished reading a 700 page book I started five days ago. I was lost in the story line and went to
    bed – ever so late – still enjoying the achievement of completion and thinking of the story. (Not a good idea, takes longer to get to sleep).

    Today I have put on an extra light layer under a top layer and will go out at some point dressed to kill winter!

  4. I ended up with extra layers on and eating stodge to get the blood warmed up. It did keep me going today. Sudden plummeting of temperatures and lots of wet with it, is not a very kind combination.

  5. It’s getting that way here too. I’ve got the hood of my hoodie up (and have just been told that I look ‘shifty’ as a result) and have a blanket over my toes and a warm laptop on my lap. Brrr. Try running the hot tap over your wrists. Good excuse for hot chocolate too 🙂 Did you get your mislaid groceries in the end?

  6. Uhm yes, I found the groceries in the dispensary of the pharmacy I had tripped in and out of twice. The last was the third visit. I wonder what the pharmacist thought!

    Sadly I don’t enjoy hot chocolate drinks, but I know it can be great for those who do.

    One of the politician’s over here offered a soundbite in the recent past, I think he lived to regret, “hug a hoodie”. I was most disappointed just after that, to be out in my pullover hoodie, with jacket hoodie on as well, and not one person offered to hug me.

  7. 😀 You mean David Cameron? That little gem made big news over here too! It also made me laugh pretty damn hard!

    I don’t really like hot chocolate either! Finally someone like me! I suggested it because it seems like everyone in the world likes it except me, and I’ve had looks of horror when I expressed my lack of interest in it. I do quite like Cadbury’s hot chocolate though.

  8. It started to rain this morning, and it got heavier and heavier. The sky was black and I had to put the lights on in the living room! Then it started to sleet, then hail, and then went back to heavy rain. It is dry now, but the roads are flooded (the drains need cleared in the street – there is grass growing out of most of them!). Oh, no, I take it back – it has just started raining again. It is flippin cold as well 😦 So glad I don’t need to be outside!

  9. Yes I do mean David C. I believe the initiator of the hug a hoodie idea was one of the very large shopping centres that banned people entering who wore hoodie clothes. I don’t know how effective the ban was, because if someone like me traipsed in, an honest paying customer, say, with my sprog of juvenile years, both of us wearing hoodies, what would the shopping centre management have done? The other hypothetical situation could have been mum wearing hoodie and sprog not – much more likely in fact!

    I have no delight in any hot chocolate drinks. I like eating very plain chocolate sometimes, it must be plus 74%. Any other levels are quite synthetic to my taste buds.

  10. Yes, we’re having similar weather stuff. There’s quite a wind blowing too. If it’s not raining cats and dogs, it is spitting cold rain drops.

    I do hope your drains are cleared as there could be overload and we’ve had experience of that and what it leads to. I wonder if Aberdeenshire Council have the wherewithall to deal with it. Mind’st it could be the water authority’s responsibility.

    It is soooo dark. I’m trying not to put lights on, failing miserably though.

  11. I can’t see how they could have taken the idea seriously. That’s like assuming all people who wear raincoats are trainspotters.

    I’m distinctly unrefined in my taste in chocolate. Cadbury’s makes my day, and Wispas are back again! (I’m totally falling for their disgracefully blatant marketing ploy. Totally worth it by the way!)

    I like Green & Blacks milk chocolate, that’s as dark as I’ll get with chocolate.

  12. Very late autumnal, eh?

    Fortunately we live on a hill, so we don’t get too much water damage if the drains don’t take the water, but I feel bad for the folk in the village.

  13. You won’t sell it to me. Once a fan of good deep dark chocolate. always a fan and nothing less will do. 🙂

    I like your raincoats and trainspotting analogy.

  14. We said that because we live on a hill, we couldn’t get flooded, no way, no how… some of many famous last words. We were sandbagged a couple of years ago!

  15. I hope you are; we had a drainage ditch as well. It has now had some more skimming to enlarge it. The flood in general was an extraordinary event and ours, even had the local authority emergency teams scratching their heads when they saw what had happened.

  16. This is something else-indescribable. I have been forced to replace the three-quarter jar left in the cupboard. The mix is Cocoa and fig spread with a good balance of fresh fig (not flavouring). It is surprising how tasty this combination is. While I was in the shop, I found an orange and fig mix. As there were tasting dishes available, I took advantage and was smitten.

    In these concoctions, are two products I do usually avoid, chocolate/cocoa spread and an orange confiture. With fresh fig they are transformed.

  17. I can fully understand your thoughts. I had an open mind when I tried both spreads, bearing in mind the base spread in both, are not usually to my liking. 🙂

    I was in a specialist shop a great distance from home, the jars of goodies are not easily available. I shall have to treat them as treats and I might just buy some more, next visit, as Xmas gifts.

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