Met a friend for coffee this morning. I got there first. It was early, yet the café was unusually busy for the time of day. The weather must have had something to do with it. When it’s that busy, you don’t go to the counter to place your order first, you grab a table before it goes to someone else. I got the only table available, sat my hat on the surface, a shopping bag on the seat, in this way, announcing to everyone the table was taken.

The trouble was it was a small table and me and my friend had to sit dead opposite each other with not much space apart. It’s not that I don’t want to be seen with my friends but, unfortunately, like last time, she chose to use a perfume that does not agree with me. That time we met elsewhere and a guy of portly proportions at the table behind, took up my chair space. This was most agreeable as I could happily sit at right angles to my horribly perfumed friend. There was no such escape today.

Just as the conversation was winding down, another mutual friend unexpectedly showed up and sat with us. This penned me in with the help of the sofa arm immediately behind me. I started to feel a sickly headache develop. I got out only when perfumed friend decided she really had to depart and mutual friend felt she’d sat long enough and relinquished her seat.

I wonder if perfumed friend’s cat could be trained to swipe the perfume bottle. :>>

0 thoughts on “HORRIBLY PERFUMED

  1. I lost my first response – oh well here goes again.

    Mens’ perfumes always seemed to be based on Old Spice, which for me was and is a foul smell, and stomach churning. The trouble is, this pungent spicy feature seems to have become part of many women’s perfumes today and it intrudes into many aspects of life. If I am in a shop, I can sidestep anyone who sends out wafts of unpleasant perfume unless of course I am waiting for the cashier to total up and someone behind me has doused themselves in a mordacious manner. I wonder if it contributes to global warming!


  2. There’s a lot to be said for a rule like that. Scent-free work place. The only problem I can think of here is natural body odours and a few people do have excesses. Even with them though, the only way to handle it is with extra showering during the day. Not all work places can cater for that.

  3. I know what you mean. On the very rare occasions I go into a department store, I usually hold my breath and dash through the smelly department until I get to a part with fresh air.

    And it’s not just the overwhelming synthetic pong, but also the snooty “cosmetic technicians” in white coats and too much makeup, looking down their elegant noses at us ordinary folk! I console myself with the thought that despite their lofty job titles, they are probably thicker than two Max Planck’s 😉

  4. I have very little sense of smell – don’t know why, it just faded away years ago. It’s annoying sometimes and makes choosing perfume almost impossible. Nowadays I just ask my daughters what they think smells nice and go along with that. Clearly from your post, however, there are advantages to not being able to smell sometimes!

  5. Max Plank sounds like a new name on the block. 😉

    On the odd occasion when I enter by the wrong door, I make a similar dash to escape a mish mash of perfume counter pongs that simply don’t mix.

    I have found that some of the ‘advisers’ are not that well trained in the art of make-up or selling it. The men can be quite good at it. Snootiness is obviously next to superiority to fool the simple customer.

  6. How right you are – going out to coffee with a heavily perfumed friend, a perfume that is puke making in my case, would be totally avoided without a sense of smell. someone/something has been quite kind to you for some circumstances.

  7. Horrible – it can bring on really bad headaches. My pet hate is the duty-free perfume shop at ports and airports. When you get on the plane, half of the passengers have 3 or 4 different types of stinky perfume on them – it makes me feel sick.

  8. Yes, Ellie, it is literally a pain. Men’s smellies can be just as bad. The consequences of highly concentrated perfurmes or too much splashed on, can be very distressing.

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