Today has definitely been warm coat and hat weather. The umbrella was in the bag unused. It was wet but too windy to use the umbrella, I’d have probably ended up like Mary Poppins rising high into the sky, while holding onto it. In deference to the change of season, I wore a scarf. I am glad I did. The sleeves on my coat were long enough to cover my hands so I was able to avoid wearing gloves. Psychologically, wearing gloves is the last bastion. Once they are in regular use, I have to admit winter is here.

Forget Autumn, I don’t think it has visited us yet. Funny though, it is cold, cold enough to shiver, and yet we still have deep green leaves on the few trees that we have. It doesn’t make sense.


0 thoughts on “IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE

  1. I succumbed to wearing a coat, at last. I have been in two t-shirts and a sweater for a while now, mainly because if I get cold, my chest plays up again, so I try and keep it cosy. But today, I had to get the coat out of the closet. No hat, yet, though.

  2. Aha, you’re one layer behind me then. It doesn’t take much does it. I weat a hat because of a propensity head colds. Our local winds can be unrelenting.

  3. I can wholeheartedly recommend that idea – vests are great. At this stage of the game I’m into slinky camisoles, I do have some fine knit thermal camisoles as well. Later into the deep cold, I have the use of thermal sleeved varieties of vests.

  4. The slinky camis are attractive but not warm enough for those north easterlies when they really blow. Thermals are really fine and warm these days. Princess Diana used to wear them.

  5. You know, it feels like late November up here in the far flung north.

    Was Stirling the nearest town for you?

    Tell me, what kind of camis did you finally purchase, are they a fine knit, silk, poly-silk or lacey?

  6. Yes, I know what you mean – it’s flippin cold!

    Stirling was the nearest town to where I was this past weekend. The nearest town to me ordinarily is, I guess, Turriff, although it’s tiny! Perhaps Banff or Fraserburgh are the next biggest, and of course, Aberdeen is the closest city.

    They are jersey/elastane type material. Shoestring straps with lace around the top. Not enough for the real winter!

  7. Your Camis sound good. I’m wearing mine which are a variety of finishes, but strappy straps rather than sleeves, yet. They’ll come out later. No reason why you shouldn’t go for thermals for the real winter. 🙂

  8. I want to try and keep the layers down as much as I can while it is still autumn, otherwise I’m going to be wearing so much come proper winter that I’m not going to be able to walk.

  9. Usually, M & S. is my source, they start getting them in about end of October. They have a number of styles. You’ll find one to suit you.

    Damart do some sexy-ish ones too, or at least they used to. I think they’re prices are bit higher than M & S. John Lewis is another place I have obtained thermal ‘camis’ from in the past – that means they had straps (not thick) and no sleeve. None of the thermals are horrendous, but they are obviously not slinky, unless you get silk and just now, I find the silky types are doing okay.

  10. I wonder if M&S do online shopping – I shall have to have a look. Aberdeen is my closest one, and I don’t fancy trekking thru there.

    I don’t like Damart stuff – it shrinks.

  11. I’ve never bought Damart.

    If you’re quick off the mark you should get some choices of styles and colours with M & S online. Otherwise, if you get details of what you would like, say, it’s not available online, the store may be prepared to send you what you want. The stores operate with different stock warehouses. From my experience, the online warehouse, doesn’t have all the store stocks.

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