Yay! The pressure is off (for now) and we are going to escape for a few days to gather our wits, amongst other things. Che sara,sara.

Two envelopes remain firmly closed. They will be opened with any new mail, when I return, not before. Enough is enough.

I don’t why I am delaying packing my bags; it’s another chore I guess, but one with good vibes, when I get round to starting it…like real soon. As usual though, it’s not just a question of throwing a few things into a bag, there’s a food bag to organise for the morning of departure; I must check that freezer packs are freezing. That’s our mini larder requisites on arrival. Next, pack some bedding and towels. It avoids having to delay travelling at the end of the short break. We bring our laundry back home to do.

Instead of blogging about it, I had better get on with the business of packing, hadn’t I. :yes:


0 thoughts on “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  1. Thanks Isadora.

    I’ve packed a cabin-sized bag, and do you know, I shove more into it, than I would if I packed a medium sized one. It’s definitely psychological. Mind’st, I use a small back pack bag for trainers and odds and sods that don’t fit in, which I couldn’t do if we weren’t using our own transport. pack enough for a fortnight I think.

    I used to be so good at working out clever packing.

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