As expected, I have come back to a big pile of mail to add to the bits that went into the ‘can wait’ tray before I went away. I refuse to open anything tonight that looks vaguely businesslike. Sad to say, the majority of the envelopes were not the kind for ‘file 13’. 😦 Anything that could be sent to the trash, was. The start of the week is soon enough to sort out the mail pile and begin doing what has to be done.

I also refuse to check the phone messages, the light on the message machine can continue to flash till tomorrow.

Washing is being done as priority and my least favourite job,ironing,will be one of the chores on the ‘to-do’ list. Ironing though enables me to empty my mind – it is after all a mindless activity – and it will make a refreshing change from some of the time-consuming home office requirements that seems relentless at present.

Last but not least, I am being exhorted to switch to beta testing the new editor on blog. As switching/testing the editor is a point of no return, it can wait as well.


0 thoughts on “IT’S MINDLESS

  1. Good thinking! I made the same decision to wait until Monday morning before tackling emails and chores. And life seems to continue safely in blogland if you do ignore the beta editor.

    Hope you had a good break.

  2. Thanks Ellie.

    Bar one day when we were tied up with meetings, mostly with incompetent people (or, one nice soul who was developing her learning with us – not useful overall) we had a pleasant interlude. I got to see The Graduate and for the first time!

  3. Respect and admiration for your willpower.

    I just tear every envelope asunder in the folorn hope there will be some good news, a letter from some long lost love or even a cheque from the publisher.

    (The last one is probably too much to hope for though)!

  4. Re cheque from publisher – too much to hope for, for me. I don’t publish. It is not so long ago that you said you received such a desirable object. It could happen if you continue to benefit from your work, so never say…

    Long lost love – anything is possible. I had some unexpected out of the blue, blast from the past correspondence recently.

    Thanks for the R & A. Having spent this morning starting chores, opening letters, putting aside stuff that can’t be followed up yet, filing contents and shredding some, I am at the stage that requires some time and concentration. And I am told, I look tired. No wonder!

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