As I sit and type, my feet are getting colder by the second, I should have put on my slippers. Outside it is now dark. Winter has come with a vengeance. Spates of heavy rainfalls spatter the windows. At least they’re clean.

Today,putting my washing out on the line was just the invitation needed for there to be a gush of hailstones which lasted sometime. The sun treacherously invited the washing out again, I didn’t accept the invitation. It was blasting cold the first time, I certainly wasn’t going to have another go in the freezing wind.

The leaves on our limited numbers of trees are now turning to Autumnal shades and falling to the ground. Plant life seems to know what season it is. I saw my first conkers last week when on my travels. It was great to see the protective coverings,the fruits within, some shiny and dainty, others just right for ‘conkering’.



  1. The reds which have sienna and henna bases and shades are very beautiful. The yellows can be very lovely too, especially when they are edged in filligree creams or elegant browns. Sometimes there is a surprise in the yellowing leaves, you can find aubergine phazing into deep henna reds, auburn shades and so on.

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