I went out today, padded up for winter in my duvet coat, big brimmed hat, gloves and knee high warm lined boots, the only way to cope with the fierce elements.

Ice balls rained down on us with a ferocity that is hard to describe. They spilt over the ground, settling like an apple crumble with the sugar topping glistening over the tarmac underfoot.

Today I heard the media cognoscenti describe the Monarch as being one who “Will be a Queen in clover”. This was obviously the acceptable alternative to a link with our porcine friends. 🙄

Somewhere else in the media it has been reported that,”Due to an outbreak of myxomatosis, there will be a shortage of rabbis”.

One corner of the blood doning arena (aka The British Legion Bar) doubled up as a revival centre. Little cups of water were being sipped with assistance from handmaids, who were fanning overcome donors – not with palm leaves but dainty fans -and who were also ministering to their supine forms. 😐

…And it is only Tuesday. 8|



  1. I immediately spied ‘Apple Crumble Topping’ and was hooked !

    Blimey ! Life is real and earnest up your way, is it not ? And here in Hampshire (soft Sarf) it has been a fluffy cloud day with intermittent warm sunshine and about +12C and no one tried to nick me blood !

    Full marks anyway for public spritedness.


  2. Thank you. It’s kind of you to say so. I admit those descriptive thoughts were going through my mind as I watched the ice balls descending, landing and skittering about. It was the sheer quantity of the deluge that created the incredible sight.

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