It’s regaling us with ice balls in a blasted gale. It is perishing cold outside and the heating has had to be switched on again. Domestic temperatures dropped too much and that is in a well, if not over-insulated house.

I have promised myself that I will go to the blood doning caravan that has arrived in town today. Who the hell wants to go out in these weather conditions otherwise! I must be barmy.


0 thoughts on “BLASTED GALE!

  1. I ‘doned’ last week – it’s always cold in the Axminster Guidhall, and my veins disappear into the warm, necessitating a lot of fiddling about by the nurse. A caravan sounds even more arctic.

    (I tried to counteract it with a big bowl of porridge and banana before I set out, hoping for an opportune post-prandial hot flush. None was forthcoming, needless to say.)

  2. A banana and porridge creating a post prandial hot flush – that sounds like a description of and seeking of opposites. I guess from what you say, that was exactly the outcome.

    I had a good vein, the bag was filled with its pint quicker than it took to allow me to get up from the couch. Even I was surprised.

    ‘The caravan’ was used in the good old original form of a processing organisation of people with their goods etc.

  3. Got treated to something hot after the blood doning session and a super lump of banana cake. Not at the doning centre, I hasten to add, they’re good but not that good.

    But boy! did I see and feel some of that extraordinary weather.

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