Today I heard two words given in the same breath as statistics; trust and correct. I would not usually associate those two words in that context, would you?

A forgerer was jailed today, (he’d been swelling the numbers of £20 pound notes in curculation), he lived near a place called Crook.

Apparently blogging is dead and we are all turning into a tweeters. To tweet or not to tweet. I wonder if I have…



  1. No, especially if it’s the government!
    I was surprised at just many fake £1 coins are reckoned to be in circulation.
    Tweets as in twittering rather than twits I suppose! xx

  2. Mr F. your guess is as good as mine on the ‘tweeting’ front, though there was some stress on enunciation when I heard this feature. The trouble was, of the three or four people discussing this phemomenon (if that is what it is), none of them pronounced the adjective the same. However, there was some correction sought of the compére’s pronunciation. I would have thought an elongated ‘eee’ sound would not have been hard to adopt in a speech pattern, would you? There are some twits around.

    £1 coins are harder to fake aren’t they?

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