Friday – the end of a diverse and interesting week, (previous blogs will tell all) which has seen me send my final overseas Christmas parcel and one overseas greeting card.

The Post Office have turned in higher profits for handling less mail. There’s been a streamlining of offices dealing with mail and linked services, (closures by any other name).

There’s a hike in prices for mailing with a further hike in prices if your envelope doesn’t fit into a pre-ordained template, which bears no relation to the size of a private mail box or letter box. If a small envelope doesn’t slide easily through the thinnest of template slits, it becomes a LARGE LETTER! The price first or second class mail, raises, accordingly. And as was demonstrated to me today, “It’s one of these big stamps with large letter on it that you use.” An envelope larger in width than the thinnest slit becomes a large letter automatically. Get it!

It strikes me that all the counter clerks are being trained to make you feel mean, again to the financial advantage of the mail service. Each time I have mailed a package this week, clearly requesting surface mail, a clerk tells me the price of air mail first, adding there’s not much difference in price between it and the service I want. Looking at it from my vantage point, I have saved about £1.50 on current price bands by sticking to my guns and posting early.


0 thoughts on “ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL

  1. Christmas already ??

    So I was not mistaken when I saw Santa and his reindeer lit up on the top of some commercial premises as we travelled back by train from London on Thursday night ? We haven’t had our summer holiday yet !


  2. If you want a Summer 2008 holiday, you’ll have to think antipodean. Otherwise, for this hemisphere, there’s always 2009.

    Transatlantic surface mail final post dates for xmas delivery was 6th October. Two of my packages went before that. The latest lot were European.

    UK Packages to follow;

    Cards next.

    Then family gifts for the big kids and the young ones.

  3. ooof, you are certainly organized! I simply can’t manage that level of organization and early-shopping. I won’t feel in the mood until after our Thanksgiving, which this year is the very end of November.

  4. It’s amazing what trying to save a few coins can motivate. We have a saying; ‘if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves’. (Transpose cents and dollars in the respective currencies)

    In addition, I have worked on sending light weight this year. While I can still do it, I shall send what I can to people who mean a lot to me.

    Because of the remoteness of where I live, when I see a likely item on my travels, I pick it up and put it away. so I don’t forget what I have done, I make up a gift list for birthdays and Xmas. Even so, I still double up occasionally.

    I think it is a case of needs must.

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