I am appalled at the abuse left on Andrew Sachs telephone answering machine by so called media models. I honestly do not think an unreserved apology from the BBC is enough, and certainly apologies, so far not readily given, by the miscreants, are definitely not an exemplary outcome for grossly offensive behaviour which, to add insult to injury, was widely broadcast to the public.

The messages, presumably also, the programme, were pre-recorded; why was this dreadful offensive exhibitionism allowed to go out over the airwaves? I think this issue is very serious and should be considered by the criminal justice system.



  1. This was televised as well! Lord help us…

    Grossly offensive behaviour, is just that, grossly offensive behaviour. Those guys should be placed on the sex offenders’ register. They obviously got some salacious kick from what they did.

  2. They offend youth, they offend the majority of all age groups. In my view Isadora, this disgusting behaviour transcends ‘juvenile pranks’. It needs jumping on heavily, a firm stop put to it in a publicly exemplary manner, and fast.

  3. I agree, not forgetting the ‘et al’. There were two of these disgraceful exhibitionists, Russell Brand being the other one. And the BBC plumbing new lows of the lowest of depths. What a public example!!

  4. I haven’t heard it, I don’t do radio 2. I do know that Jonathan Ross is an overpaid, spoilt brat. I’m surprised at him devoting so much air time to someone else, as he’s usually far too busy talking about Himself.

  5. Oh dear it was obviously worse than I imagined from only reading the newspaper write-ups about the incident.

    We need another Mary Whitehouse..although even she couldn’t stop the decline of standards :no:

  6. Agreed, though Mary Whitehouse on her own, could not have stopped this. There are too many levels of clear-out required in BBC top editorial management, who are, in this case, accessories to this abuse. What kind of minds have they got? What some people think of as acceptable is unbelievable.

    Then, there are the two so-called comedians, who are out of control, whose own thinking is distorted and generally disgusting. We don’t need this or want it. If such messages had been left for me, I would have involved the law. It was lewd and offensive stuff.

    Poor Andrew Sachs; I really sympathise with him.

  7. It was exposed on TV as well. I don’t do JR or Russell Brand. These guys and the BBC editorial management need kicking out of the public arena.

    It needs to be said loud and clear, such behaviour and offensive ‘antics’ are not acceptable.

  8. That Ellie, is why they have been pushing the boundaries, that is why they are out of control. They have been allowed to get away with their malpractice because other people in the BBC and media have let it be and paid these guys to perform.

    This is exposing the disgusting and lewd thoughts and behaviour which they and others have deemed okay. Well guys, have I got news for you… it is not okay!

  9. It is comforting to hear the support for the victim. My heart goes out to Andrew Sachs. What an awful affair.

    I sincerely hope the public will see an appropriate and exemplary outcome to this affair. It is this, I doubt.

  10. Today I received in the post some raffle tickets for a prize draw in aid of Children with Leukaemia. How unfortunate then that the front of the raffle ticket book features Jonathan Ross’s face and his name with a covering letter apparently from the man himself requesting support. The timing of his misdemeanor or the timing of their mailshot, whichever way you look at it couldn’t have been worse.

  11. You’re spot on there. I wonder why the organisation thought JR’s face would help to increase their charity monies for them. Surely they could have approached someone squeaky clean or at least someone who presented the decent side of society. The charity has been very misguided.

  12. It is interesting that there seems to have been, low level support,(nevertheless support)from some radio 1 listeners.
    Wit nowadays must have run its course of real cleverness when you hear of so called-comedians working audiences at this banal and disgraceful level. If lewd and libidinous, offensive and bullying tactics, are not to become standard comic material, we have to voice our feelings and concerns.

    I should think the charity are regretting their frontman image.

  13. Well Menhir, I just wanted to join you in condemning this awful action. It shocks me to think that Brand and Ross considered their humour to be ‘dangerous’ and pushing back the boundaries when it is simply cruel and bullying. I guess people on the liberal left side of politics have tended not to criticise such comics because it makes them appear as if they are following in the footsteps of Mrs Whitehouse but surely now most people are appalled at such wanton and vindictive behaviour and do not want it broadcast as entertainment.

  14. I do hope you are right Tim. It has been an appalling state of affairs. I shake my head when I hear terms like ‘risqué broadcasting’, ‘edgy humour’. Who are they kidding with this terminology. It is reductionism of the worst kind. It lacks all responsibility and respect.

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