It’s okay to leave lewd and indecent messages on a phone answering machine, providing it doesn’t get into the public arena. At least that was what one BBC reporter’s analysis suggested. Could he really have meant that? I truly hope not.

Apart from the BBC needing to get their act together, news reporters should be conversant with the wider issues of the subject matter that they are reporting. :**:


0 thoughts on “DO YOU REALLY MEAN THAT!

  1. Not sure to which reporter’s piece you refer but yesterday during coverage of this matter I made a very rare outburst of actually shouting at the TV when some equivocating apologist for Ross et al. came on trivialising what I see as the institutionalised prurience of the BBC and other media outlets.

    It is a difficult matter to know when one has plumbed the bottom of bad taste and I would like to believe that the thinking public has had enough. However, I fear and expect that it will all be blown over in a couple of weeks and the corrosive assault on decent standards of behaviour will be resumed with a wink and a lucrative smirk.


  2. I think you are right – the main thrust of the exercise seems to be getting the Beeb off the front pages of the papers, rather than tracking down and sacking those responsible.

    I’m sure that Ross is still smirking into his cornflakes even though he’s not being paid temporarily – well, he can easily afford to, being paid as much a day as our household gets in a year.

    The chairman of the BBC Trust was very evasive when asked on the Today programme if the BBC should not be a civilising influence, rather than pandering to the lowest common denominator of the great British public.

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