There seemed to be a number of junior Halloween parties in the town yesterday.

I saw the cutest little toddler in really shiny bright red tights; they almost looked like plastic they were so polished. She wore a bright red dress and a wide and deep cut balaclava in the same shade fitted over her head which framed her sweet face just like a telly tubby but with the added extra of a pair of golden horns. She had a slightly wobbly gait and it looked like she had recently learnt to walk on her own. “Ooh, what a little devil” I cooed. Dad replied with feeling, “Yeah” and they disappeared into the night.



0 thoughts on “A CUTE LITTLE DEVIL

  1. Awww. I LOVE seeing the kiddies dressed up. Sadly I was the only one in my street with a carved pumpkin outside my front door, and a big bowl of sweeties. I was popular though! Ha, it was great.

  2. I think I shall use the pumpkin for carving another year. I wasn’t too impressed with it’s flavour for a soup. It required too much ‘dressing up’. The same texture with a much better flavour can be obtained from a butternut squash.

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