Halloween; the doorbell sounded. I opened it upon a brightly, but horribly masked little individual wearing a bright red dress, an even smaller Grim Reaper whose head stayed down, and a very young spider whose eight arms fluoresced and flapped. Of course once I saw the spider it confirmed who the other two were. They came in followed by mum and dad. A joke, a dance and a puzzled little spider face later, the basket with treats was produced. The spider tried to take the whole basket. I was just explaining what was what, together with his older sisters, when the doorbell rang again. This time it was hubby on his knees, no disguise, but holding aloft a grocery bag full of chocolate caramel biscuit bars to add to the tangerines, mini sweet packs and marshmallow snowballs.

The bell sounded a third time. I was startled by what greeted me. Just above knee height were two white sheeted ghostly masked individuals with skeletal hands, one peering over the shoulder of the other. I wasn’t sure if I knew them. They were invited in, with the nearer ghost waving me forward. As the two shuffled past I saw a pair of very large trainers peering out from the sheet, they were about size 12. They had very clean soles.

In the living room, big feet stood up and unmasked himself. It was the childrens grand-dad, who was guising with grandma. He is long legged and 6 feet tall, she is 5 feet exactly. He had borrowed short legged 5 feet grandma’s white trousers and was wearing them back to front. Even though I saw it, him wearing her trousers, took some believing.

There is a well stocked basket of treat goodies, if anyone wants to vie for them.



0 thoughts on “GUISING

  1. It was quite a giggle. It’s the first time for some years we’ve had a visit up top of hill.

    There are not many kiddies in our street now. They’ve either grown up and moved away, or they are enjoying themselves in other ways now that they are teenagers.

  2. Your experience seems to have been the situation in many places. Certainly the visitors we had were not unkown to us. Bar them, we wouldn’t have seen anyone. I didn’t take sprog to any unknown addresses when she was young.

    There was an incident in the States, where two young boys were guising and accompanied by their parents. The youngest one was shot dead, the other boy and his parents were injured. People do have to be careful and choose where they go.

  3. When I was a kid, we didn’t know about guising and Halloween in the current manner. It was the religious feast of all souls or all hallows, and that was that. It was as new an experience for me as it was for sprog, when we went gusing together. It was something everyone locally did and as all the other kids and mums were doing things for it, I di the same for my child.

  4. It was good fun with our variety of visiting guisers this year. We were left with some candies which will now have to disposed of down avenues other than our tums. 🙂

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