My friends have got a subversive and obstinate dog (their description, not mine). She’s a jet black Labrador with soft seductive eyes, docile and amiable, loves being petted of course, and decided one time to jump in the front well of our car, thinking we would take her home with us. Being jet black and it being dark, no-one noticed the dog settling herself in our car. We couldn’t make the dog budge. Having already said our fond farewells, I had to give in and ring the doorbell to obtain help to dislodge the dog. She wasn’t going to move on my say so.

The dog was originally meant to be a gun dog, but was found to be self-willed and would only perform when she decided to. That’s what was meant by subversive doggy behaviour. My friend’s wife had already offered to take the dog if things didn’t work out. This then is how she came to be where she now is.

Now, this pet is not badly treated in any way whatsoever, she is much loved. The dog had cottoned on that we were a pair of suckers who would enjoy cooing to her and petting her for more time in the day that her present people do. But then, of course, we have the time available to do that. She’d probably have missed sharing her bed with the cat and would have wanted to go back home fairly soon.



  1. Dogs seem to be genetically programmed to identify the people who make the biggest fuss of them, and won’t give up their adoption plans easily.

    She sounds lovely – I’d have driven off and kept her!

  2. We had a black lab when I was a kid. It sounds like they could have been related. We couldn’t train the dog for love nor money, so Dad sent it to be trained as a gundog. The trainer sent him back, failed.

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