Since we arrived home this evening we have seen;

A beautiful moon, an Eastern moon, dressed in shining pale peach velveteen.

A chugger at our door, chugging for the Red Cross. The charity want to raise £6 million (I thought all the noughts might look messy) and he was hoping to get us to complete a mandate on our doorstep so the donation becomes tax efficient.

A note from a postman saying a package had been left on the front seat of the car; someone left the car unlocked.


0 thoughts on “THINGS COME IN THREES

  1. Hubby has some difficulty being security conscious even when away from home. I have to guard bags etc. I should close bag zips as well, he’s been pick-pocketed twice when abroad. (It happened once to me from a closed bag).

    I find doors unlocked at home, overnight, because someone has forgotten to take off the latch. Cars, it happens too as we saw. These days though, we do need to be more security minded. Fewer people keep unlocked doors though my mother- in-law never locked her door from early morning till night. Some of the family carry on likewise.

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