I have actually found someone who has never heard of Barack Obama.

I found this hard to believe but after some further probing, I realised it was true.  This young person (of voting age) thought I was talking about…
Some man who was going to do something to Scotland

This in the middle of a beauty therapy session, padded up for my most un-favourite therapy, toning up useful muscles, while lying in a prone state.

I jerked up in surprise, nearly electrocuting myself in the process, “Do something to Scotland. What?” I queried.

Getting all those people out of their houses and off land“, she answered.

 “Obama?” I thought of modern day Highland Clearances and was truly puzzled.

Her mum had talked to her about it and people were going to fight to stay in their houses.

Realisation dawned.

You mean Donald Trump !”, I exclaimed. “He’s the one that’s just got planning permission to build a golf course and luxury complex on the Aberdeenshire coast.”

The lass looked glumly at me and commented with feeling

 “I hate politics, all that rudeness, shouting at each other and fighting. I can’t stand it, I really hate politics.   




  1. :)) I just asked my 20 year old Son if he knows. Nope. This is despite the fact that his face was plastered all over the paper my Son brought home from work. I doubt my daughter knows either. The blissful ignorance of youth. Lucky old youth I say.

  2. How on earth could anyone have avoided hearing about the guy over the last two years! All the media channels have mentioned him at some time or other. Maybe the youth of voting age today in the U K, have the knack of switching off, deafening themselves with decibels of noise directly into their ears and shutting out some parts of the world.

    The knack could be a useful trick, the method of doing it will not be.

    Ask your kids if they’ve heard of Bush… The answer may be salutary.

  3. I am quite impressed by their ability to avoid hearing, seeing, reading anything about the US election for the past two years. MP3 players and mobile phones have a lot to answer for!

  4. Haven’t they just.

    I did think one wit had let us in for it though. He took BBC Radio 4 to task for not keeping up up-to-date with the 2012 U.S. primaries. :no:

    Where on this planet can I disappear to to get away from that prospect.


  5. :)) OK, so I just went and asked my daughter who is 22.
    Do you know who Bush is? The Person.

    George Bush? Came the reply.

    Yes I replied quite excited at her knowledge.

    Yeah, he’s some American dude isn’t he?

    Mmmm.. yes. Did you know he was the President of America for ooh the last few years? I said.

    Ummm. Yeah, I think so. She gazed at me with a look of “whatever a president is” flickering through her mind before going back to her text messaging, which to be honest she looked far more engrossed in.

    She did however know that Obama was the new President, on account of it being on Galaxy radio’s news every time she got in her car today. 🙂

  6. What can one say – it sounds like Obama’s presidency will be over for your youngsters, before he has passed through the next 11 weeks of ‘elect’ status. No more primaries pleeeeeeeease.

  7. You weren’t passive and you probably knew something about who did or didn’t do what.

    this girl was so passive in her pronouncements (or were they half-hearted comments, yup – on second thoughts I think that’s what they were)she couldn’t have expressed excitement in any obvious meaningful, with feeling, manner.


  8. Depressing, isn’t it? Both my offspring are quite interested in current affairs (especially my son, who shares my sense of the absurd and is very cynical for 26), so I have never had to go “D’oh” at them on that count. But geography is another matter entirely.

    What’s with the purple prose? 😉

  9. It would be something P, if she had heard of him. What she’d heard from mum were about actions not the person. I had to explain how Trump linked into the actions mum may have been suggesting. So, I agree, ‘bless her’. It must be a relatively uncomplicated world she inhabits.

  10. P.S. Purple and black bits prose. Well, I tried the new editor and highlighted the text. Whether the system was bothered by stars at night fireworks, Obama’s election or what, I can’t tell,but, when I clicked on the text colour I wanted I got what you saw.

    I decided it had a certain, je ne sais quoi.

  11. I’ve noticed that many newspaper articles only describe where something happens right at the end. So if you only scan the first few lines you miss out on the full tale…. which can sometimes be surprising.

    But to not know who Barak Obama is? Sounds like advanced, selective deafness to me! 😉

  12. Media selectivity is something complex that few people have the techniques to uncover. I would not expect this girl to even be aware of any of that. My guess is her selectivity is in an advanced state being blinkered and as you say, of deafness.

    The other point here is, that if the girl I talked with is a representative of the majority of youth, there is something there that should concern us very much. She had no idea of the identity of the either of the men mentioned nor their respective positions, she was only aware that the situation her mum spoke about, involved an American. Somewhere in the mass of her brain, she connected that ‘Obama’ who ‘won the U.S. election’ linked in with a foreign national (an American) who was doing something to Scotland!

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