‘Beta-test the new editor’

Okay, have done, twice and what a frustrating experience on both occasions.

Pros: looks nice, has more gizmos to play with.

Cons: it doesn’t change font through the whole text, even though all of it is highlighted. Therefore, needed to change one paragraph or one section at a time.

Ditto for colour of text. If not dealt with section by section, I have posted with at least two colours; the original black plus whichever colour I have chosen.

What a waste of time. For now, I will keep things simple with the old editor.



  1. I haven’t used it as I can’t be bothered with colours and fonts etc. Try deciding what colour and font you want before you start writing and choosing them then. As it will ultimately be html tags that define the colours and font, the editor is perhaps struggling to put them in the right place if you start highlighting lots of paragraphs and trying to tag the whole lot at once.

  2. You are probably right. I did try the beta editor some months ago and didn’t have the problems that are currently hiccupping their way through the beta editor. You seem knowledgeable about the programming.

    I tend to write posts in the old editor then highlight and copy to make sure I don’t lose my post, which has also happened on more occasions than I like to remember. The odd time that I have written from scratch in the beta editor, I found I couldn’t copy blogs, like I can with the old editor.

    I use both editors, (when I do the beta) through mozilla. It is something about the way the new editor is programmed that means it is not as flexible. It seems to have degraded somewhat.

    Often I don’t know what font and colour I would like. Sometimes I don’t want anything other than the norm. Then I leave things where they are in the old editor.


  3. I’m just guessing really. I know from using online editors for creating web pages that everything goes fine until you change your mind about something and try using the editor in the same way you would expect a word processor to work. html tags get left in, often in wrong places and it can all get quite messy behind the scenes. Firefox demands stricter coding than Internet Explorer and there are some tags that only work in IE and no other browser. One the other hand I could be totally wrong. But it is in Beta and as such there should be a way for users to report back any anomalies they find in order to develop the editor.

  4. I would have thought though, wouldn’t you, that the reports would have bee flying in from all sources to the programme artists. This beta editor was better with some functions earlier on than it is now. C & P has always been a no, no, (perhaps its just via mozilla, not sure) which is why I have tended to write my blogs in the old editor then decide whether I want to titivate the presentation or not.

    I saw a blog from one of the German founders the other week saying he had had to let 7 people go and had found doing so hard. But, these are difficult economic times and I suppose, advertising income and other monies have to come from other streams and from streamlining organisational activity.

  5. I’ve just looked at the beta editor and there is no immediate, obvious guide on how to give feedback on a users experience with the editor. I can understand people getting frustrated and just going back to the old way.

    I didn’t find a problem with it myself, but I was just playing around with it and didn’t actually write anything long, but I could highlight a whole block of paragraphs and change their font and colour without problems.

    Refer to Firefox help file for cut and paste issue which is a security feature of Mozilla.

    Anyways, where there’s a will there’s a way. 😉

  6. Hey, W & B thanks I shall do that. I hope it’s comprehensible language. I did follow a link once, couldn’t make head or tail of it, and I think I have a little IT literacy.

    I noticed someone else’s blog had alternate colour paras. Looked like the same disease mine had with the Beta Editor. Highlighting one para at a time is an absolute pain. I also found that I sometimes lost the colour on another para that wasn’t highlighted. It certainly has gremlins, and they are far more active than before on that Beta item.

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