I’m off to get my locks beautified this morning. I shall wear a capacious hat before and probably after the event. The weather is absolutely foul and I see no point in having my hair titivated just to get it soaked. It frizzes up in the damp and rain, which we have much of. That, folks, would take me back to square one and in need of re-styling. All that extra heat applied to my mane would just not do, that would create a frizz-up as well. No, I am definitely not doing that. I would rather bang a hat on my new hair do in the cause of staying dry with un-frizzled, flowing (if flattened) hair.


0 thoughts on “STAYING UNFRIZZLED.

  1. It’s no good for the climate we live in is it. The de-frizzing products put you in need of washing you hair; not much use really when you’ve only just done it or just had it done.

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