Procrastinate, procrastinate!

I have decided that procrastination is not just good for you, it is an absolute ‘must’. We all need it. So let’s do it.



0 thoughts on “PROCRASTINATE

  1. So, If you plan it in, do you actually take the time out to procrastinate?

    My to do lists tend to be monthly ones, I reckon somewhere within a month, I shall usually be procastinating more than I should. Writing it in as a ‘to do’ would make my overall schedule one long procrastination; hm I shall have to think about that one. My daily activity lists would be another story. 🙂

  2. I did – which is why it’s taken so long to reply 😉

    Actually, procrastination is the bane of my life – I need a deadline to work efficiently, so tend to leave things till it’s almost too late. I now tell people who say airily “oh, it’s OK, I don’t need it done now” that if they want it done at all, tell me by when and make it soon!

  3. A crie de coeur Lois! One I recognise only too well.

    I can work to sensible deadlines with the occasional unreasonable one in-between. I have that situation just now,(though I don’t think this one is too clever and I may not offer my best) hence my procrastination.

    BTW are you requesting that I give a ‘comment by’ date? That would be novel. 😉

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