Travelling from North to South this morning two notable events occurred, apart from blasted idiots on the road taking unacceptable risks with other peoples’ health and well-being.

1) The sun in the East was low, very blindingly low, exacerbated by glare from rain and wet roads. Yet together with the sun, from 9am through to 9.45am I clearly saw a half moon sitting in the light blue sky above.

2) After an initial groan at the BBC yet again deifying their erstwhile broadcasters, I was surprised and delighted to hear the inimitable tones of Alastair Cook, both speaking and singing, (that was a first… singing!). His absolute mastery of description was delicious, you could be there, where ever he was, or had been, and so clearly, in his very own footprint.

I, for one,am totally broadcaster deification averse, especially after so many have had memorial programmes and repeats, almost immediately they have departed this earthly plane. For some reason this irreverent exercise, I am pleased to say, has not happened with Alastair Cook.



  1. His interviews certainly upped the standard temporarily yesterday – and what a shame that I can’t think of anyone who might, even tentatively, step into his shoes. Charles Wheeler was another in the same league, I think.

  2. The quality of the writing and as you say, the interviews with Alastair Cook, were very high indeed. Hearing elements of ‘the letters’ was superb.

    Charles Wheeler, to my way of thinking, was a great reporter and therein lies a fine distinction. The magic descriptions, the nuances with a wide range of language was not as artistic, I think, as you found with Cook.

    They were both fine examples of history writers and broadcasters. As you rightly say, it is difficult to think of ‘anyone who might tentatively step’ into either of their shoes, in particular, those of Alastair Cook.

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