Here’s two of the four battery carriage style mantel clocks we got as wedding presents; I wonder where the other two are?

I haven’t seen these pots for ages because they were hidden behind a model boat that was put out of direct sunlight as the sails have faded. Out of sight out of mind. I might have used the pots if they had been visible.

Heavens! These books, lots of them, have got to be moved. I wonder if they would stack.

This frame was a wedding present. We thought the picture in it was delightful. It was, we were told, just a demo picture sheet. Never mind, we liked it, still do and the frame has never had any other picture placed in it.

The mother-in-law tongues aren’t going to take too kindly to being manhandled. They’re big, it will be a two-person job.

I’d better move the tray of knick knacks I loaded up, to it’s temporary place-of-safety.

:**: :yes:


0 thoughts on “STACKS OF MEMORIES

  1. It is like that. We’re clearing one room to decorate. There are definitely things we don’t need to keep hold of.

    And we must stop losing time by oohing and aahing over photos we haven’t looked at for years! 😉

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